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You know how it's a struggle to get cited into the national media like ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox so you can be seen as an authority in your field?

We solve this.

Why Get Cited on NBC, CBS, ABC & FOX?

Whether your an Author, Speaker, Coach or Entrepreneur, you benefit by becoming a quoted expert & you will be able to use that Authority, "as Seen On" with your picture & marketing.

"The biggest surprise for me in all of this was the added confidence my citation gives me. Not only am I no longer 'just another face in the crowd' but I no longer feel like just another face in the crowd. I feel like I deserve to be seen for what I have to offer my clients."

- Richard Powell,Creative Director at Glenway International, Inc.

"“Shortly after uploading my profile with the major media logos, I had a meeting with a publishing company. I’m writing a chapter as the “Feng Shui Expert” in a personal development book. This will reach over 100 countries, and have over 30,000 distributors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Instagram.”"

- Brenni Larson, FengShui Expert, Host & Consultant

What You will Get:

  • Cited on all 4 Major Media Networks as a top recommended professional
  • Screen shots of your citations
  • Your profile picture "as Seen On" with the 4 Media Logos
  • All within 30 Days

As a Bonus we will add the Logos to your Picture & do the Photoshop work!

After Media Citation

What This is Not:

  • A way to flood your site with traffic
  • A magic bullet that will convert every lead into a sale
  • Making you into a celebrity overnight

This is a conversion strategy that can rocket your chances to drawn in new & lucrative business!

This is for any serious entrepreneur or business owner that would like to establish greater authority.

If your an expert who recognizes that being cited on the major networks & adding the major network logos to your marketing is impressive - to your prospective customers or clients - then this is for you!

Still not sure?

We're ready to walk our talk - unlike other media firms that charge thousands of dollars with no guarantee of placement.

We 100% guarantee to get you cited into the four major media networks within 30 days or your full money back!

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Here's What will Happen Next:

Once you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to the form page. You will need a high resolution 500x500 pixel picture of yourself, to upload & your maximum 300 Character quote.